App Client

3. Add an App Client to Your User Pool

A new App client has been created by the AWS Amplify CLI. Let’s take a look at this app client and make sure the web application is confgured to use it by checking the aws-exports.js file.

✅ Step-by-step directions

  1. Go to the Amazon Cognito Console
  2. Choose Manage your User Pools.

    Here you will see a new userpool generated by the AWS Amplify CLI that looks something similar to the example below: Amplify init screenshot

  3. Click the new user pool to open the Pool Details page

  4. From the Pool Details page, select App clients from the General settings section in the left navigation bar.

  5. In Cloud9 open the file wildrydes/src/aws-exports.js aws-exports.json example

  6. Check that the App client id in the console page matches the aws_user_pools_web_client_id value in aws-exports.js.

  7. Commit the changes to your git repository:

    git add .
    git commit -m "configure cognito"
    git push

Amplify Console should pick up the changes and begin building and deploying your web application.