In this module you’ll configure AWS Amplify Console to host the static resources for your web application. In subsequent modules you’ll add dynamic functionality to these pages using JavaScript to call remote RESTful APIs built with AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway.

Architecture Overview

The architecture for this module is very straightforward. All of your static web content including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images and other files will be managed by AWS Amplify Console and served via Amazon CloudFront. Your end users will then access your site using the public website URL exposed by AWS Amplify Console. You don’t need to run any web servers or use other services in order to make your site available.

Static website architecture

Implementation Instructions

❗ Ensure you’ve completed the setup guide before beginning the workshop.

Each of the following sections provides an implementation overview and detailed, step-by-step instructions. The overview should provide enough context for you to complete the implementation if you’re already familiar with the AWS Management Console or you want to explore the services yourself without following a walkthrough.