App Client

Check Your User Pool’s App Client

A Cognito Userpool and a new App client has been created by the AWS Amplify build. Let’s take a look at this app client.

  1. Go to the Amazon Cognito Console

  2. Choose Manage User Pools.

    Here you will see a new userpool generated by the AWS Amplify CLI that looks something similar to the example below: Amplify init screenshot

  3. Click the new user pool to open the Pool Details page

  4. From the Pool Details page, select App clients from the General settings section in the left navigation bar.

  5. You will see that a new App client has been generated. Your web application is configured to use this App client via a config file located in wild-rydes/src/aws-exports.js.

How it Works:

Rather than configuring each service through a constructor or constants file, Amplify supports configuration through a centralized file called aws-exports.js which defines all the regions and service endpoints to communicate. Whenever you run amplify push or rebuild your web application by running a git commit, this file is automatically created, allowing you to focus on your application code. The Amplify CLI places this file in the appropriate source directory configured with amplify init.

❗ You won’t see updates to this file in your local file store because it is included in the .gitignore file.